Overview of Services

What services do I offer?


European Mounts

Skulls can be finished on any one of four ways of your choosing.

1.      Chemically Whitened Skull

2.      Chemically Whitened Skull with clear acrylic Finish

3.      Painted White with Flat Finish

4.      Painted White with Gloss Finish

All skulls are mounted on a standard medium-finish oak plaque and outfitted with hanging hardware.


Skull Only Mounts

All skulls can be finished in any of the four ways described above under European Mounts. Only the upper portion of the skull is cleaned and finished at the standard price. The bottom jaw can be cleaned, finished, and wired to the upper portion for additional cost.


Antler Mounts

A typical antler mount is a skull cap combined with a foam form finished with a black felt and a gold accent rope. *Custom colors are available at additional Cost.


Antler Restoration

In the event that your antlers have been left outside and have been bleached by the sun or a DIY European Mount has gone wrong, we can restore those antlers to a natural finish.


Deer Feet

Feet are skinned, fleshed, and cured before mounting on a foam form. This is done for long term preservation and avoidance of bugs and rot. They are mounted “Feet Only” with the hardware to mount on a board. If you would like a gun rack or other custom item we can select one and create your piece for material and handling cost only.



Our standard method for tanning furs is a cased skin. This means there is no vertical cut up the breastbone of the animal. Furs can be tanned feet on or off at the clients discretion.


Custom Items

If you have an idea for a creation that fits outside of this scope of work, give us a call and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs.


Services Disclaimer

Emerson Dolby Taxidermy is not responsible for improper field care of any species by the client. For best results, please contact us immediately after harvest for further instruction.