My name is Emerson Dolby, a proud new resident of the state of Maine. I’ve had a passion for nature and the outdoors since I could walk. I began hunting in Connecticut at the age of 12, and shortly thereafter I was given the opportunity to work in a taxidermy studio. I started out simply sweeping floors and sanding forms for mounting. It wasn’t until I got my hands on my first antler mount that really set a fire to this passion.

I began working on small game animals and birds; from fleshing to airbrushing, I wanted to learn it all. Only in the last few years have I felt justifiable to preform work for others. Through my network of friends and family, I have become to go-to guy for European/antler mounts and fur tanning. Every year I am continuing my virtually self-taught education to learn more and more about the industry. I hope you will continue to follow my passion and journey in becoming an expert taxidermist for all animal species.